May 3, 2017

It’s been a rough-go for this sweet little baby.

It’s super easy to see the photos I post, the light sense of humor and sarcasm added along for fun, and think all is well and smooth sailing. For the record, there’s a solid chance I am NOT having a smooth-sailing day, but I try to find the good, the happy, the funny…. and embrace it. Laugh about it. Go with it.

It’s who I am.

But reality over here is, this sweet babe has had a rough-go. Start with 3ish months of stomach bug issues with a side of unreal reflux problems, add a couple months of ear infections that never went away, every antibiotic known to mankind, doctors appointments with 3 kids, shots, tests, ear tubes, and still no real relief.. and she’s tired. Well, if I’m being honest, I’m tired too because sick babies don’t sleep… and juggling everything, doctors appointments, sick kids, 4 & 3-year old attitudes, grad school, teaching…trying to do all of it well – sometimes single-handedly while Brandon is away drilling and I. am. so. tired. (if anyone would like to send me that Hello Apparel shirt in a medium and it’s compliment in 12-18months, it’s definitely fitting – ha! totally a joke…kinda ;)) I’m literally running on Dr. Pepper and dry shampoo. 

But we are surviving and doing EVERYTHING we can to get her well by her first birthday NEXT WEEK (I can’t even talk about that yet). We are hopeful, we are thankful, we are blessed, and we are tired.

So to all my other mamas out there who are up all night every night, juggling work and kids, worn out staying home with littles, soaking up every. single. stressful/happy/nearly-impossible moment raising littles and trying to do it with grace and peace and love and compassion because GOSH-DARNIT-I-CANNOT-MESS-THIS-UP, you’re not alone.

Solidarity together, my friends.

Take a deep breath, a sip of your caffeine of choice, and let’s do this together.

(insert that three-finger sign from the Hunger Games)

Peace and Love.

Party till the cops come!

February 20, 2017

My sweet Beckham turned 3 this weekend and we celebrated BIG! He has been asking for a “police car birthday” for months now so I had to oblige. I love me a good themed party, it’s like one happy creative outlet for me that I really look forward to. We are so thankful to have friends in “high places” here in Abilene (aka friends who are police officers who are willing to take their time off to be a celebrity for a bunch of 3 year olds and literally make their day).

I tried my hand at a petal cake and I’m really happy with how it turned out and the middle layer was blue. And what would a police birthday be without donuts?

Cookies by Carrie (@cookiemomstercarrie on Instagram)

Months ago I made a free printable to cut out and decorate. We pass them out to law enforcement when we see them out in public to say Thank you.

I hope this is the ONLY time you get pulled over.

shirt from Etsy.

I’m so thankful for this precious little boy.

Fourth of July Festivities

July 4, 2016

life with three

June 22, 2016

Having three kids, three and under can sound extremely daunting to many people. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told “You’re busy” when I tell people the spread of my children’s ages. And yes, we are busy, but who isn’t these days. Everyone is “busy” whether it’s with kids, or work, or just life in general.

Life with three littles is mostly fast paced, with small moments of downtime when they get stuck for a few minutes on a toy or show, and many moments of frustration as we attempt to direct them thru, deciphering between right and wrong – but I challenge that it would be that way in any house with a 2 or 3 year old {we just happen to have both}. Since bringing baby home, we’ve had our fair share of acting out. The screaming and crying {not by the baby} make me want to pull my hair out. Decor has been ripped off the wall, a paste of baby powder and lotion has been smeared all over the room and into the carpet, and a certain 3 year old somehow managed to find a bottle of tylenol and tried to medicate his 2 year old brother. I’ve said “no” or “stop _________ (insert something ridiculous you never thought you’d say)” more times than I can even think of, but thankfully, we’re all living and well, my sanity is the only thing up in the air on that.

Many people say they don’t even know how I’m out of the house when they see us out, because they can’t fathom how to go anywhere with three. My only answer is “you just do it.” Like with anything else in life, you do what you can with what you have and you’re so deep into what you’re doing, you don’t even really think about the how, you just do.

One of the things I’ve come to realize in parenting is your two greatest assets is your ability to remember what things are in the vicinity of where your children are playing, if they’re not within direct eyesight; combined with the knowledge of what all those things sound like when they’re being moved or played with. Example: one morning I was getting dressed while the boys were sitting in their chairs eating breakfast, I heard a familiar sound and knew immediately it was the sound of the spoon rest on the counter out of reach from the boys’ chairs. So I knew one of them had to be out of their chair, on the counter. In the time I’ve been writing this, I had to stop because I heard an unfamiliar sound coming from the play room. It was a pen.

There are moments when I just need a break and I’m thankful for a husband that realizes that and offers me moments to get away, even if they’re after bedtime. Sometimes a girl just needs to spend an hour doing nothing and everything at the same time.

Is my house clean? no. Am I always the best parent? no. Do I make mistakes, or raise my voice? of course. But I am immensely thankful for the three little lives I’ve been entrusted with day-in and day-out. Life with three is all of the things you can imagine, but above all else, it’s filled with so much love for three little souls.