when I should be doing homework

February 12, 2017

Maybe you know this… maybe you don’t, but I’m a full-time grad student. It takes a lot of time and I can’t wait to finish up in a year and a half (gulp), but just like college, I will happily fill my free time with all the things except my homework. With little ones and life, can you blame me?

Didn’t think so…

So yesterday Merritt turned 9 months old and if you aren’t following me on instagram, you’re missing out on those posts (and if I’m being honest, all of my regular posting). All that to say, when I have my real camera out, I try to take full advantage of it and get a handful of really good photos.

In order to minimize overloading the instagram feed with photos, I thought I’d take some time and just do a quick little post about life right now.

Merritt is 9 months old, she is active and into everything. Crawling, pulling up, chasing after the dogs, and crying for her mom. She loves her brothers when they give her any bit of attention and will generally smile for everyone. Her reflux is awful and she has essentially spent the last 2 months sick with a stomach bug, but things have seemed to slowly start in the right direction and I’m wondering where the time has gone.

This season of life is so hard, but so beautiful. I want to remember all of this. Staying home 3 days a week is a blessing I don’t take lightly, but it can also make me lose my mind. Grad school on the weekends and at night is trying, but the end result will be so, so worth it. Teaching at ACU has become something I really enjoy, and the time away from my kids is just right – enough for my sanity, but not too much. Life is busy and hard and sweet, but FULL.

family/newborn pictures

April 25, 2014

I’m realizing now that I totally didn’t share our family/newborn photos with you, so here they are as Erin posted them. We LOVE Erin and she’s not allowed to ever move away :)!

Isn’t she incredible?? Yeah, I know. Thank you, Erin!!

Christmas Card photo trickery

December 20, 2013

That picture of me yesterday.. the one with the scarf, it’s actually one half of our Christmas card photo for this year. Ever since we’ve been married, we’ve sent out Christmas cards that didn’t include our faces and it’s become a little joke with our friends and family. Of course, Hudson is featured, but Brandon and I are not – because let’s be real, it’s more about him than us.

Taking said picture?

That’s a little difficult.

Last year we ended up with this…

{ignore the weird cropping, this was my full-bleed file for the printing}

I took the photo with the self timer and it took a couple of attempts to make it work. This year I had a photo in mind and I didn’t know how to achieve it with the self timer and I was just trying to get it taken quick because we were very much behind on getting the photo taken, cards made and ordered. This year, Bridger got the boot, not intentionally, but because she just didn’t want to participate and in my easily-annoyed, just trying to get it done as painlessly as possible pregnant state, I left her out – sorry!

So what did I turn to?


Yep, I photoshopped myself into our family Christmas card.

I wasn’t entirely sure it would work, but it was the best idea I could come up with so after church, we headed to the backyard and took the photos in a matter of a few minutes with the camera propped up on a stack of patio chairs. I took the photo of Brandon and Hudson, then I went and stood next to where they had been and had him go push the shutter, a few minutes of tweaking in photoshop, and viola! We had ourselves a family photo, worthy of living up to our Christmas Card standards.

Would you have ever guessed it?

Since I’m behind on getting the cards out, I’ll wait a few more days to share this year’s card with all of you, but I thought I’d share my little family photo trick! 😉


family photos

August 12, 2013

There’s a 10 month post in your near future, when I get around to photographing and writing, but for now, enjoy a few pics from our family photos. I couldn’t think of anything tangible I really wanted to ask the hubs to get me for my birthday because most of the things I want are minuscule and seemed to be “boring” birthday gifts. Then I got to thinking about how this little family of 3 {well, 4 if you count the dog} is about to be growing and we’ve never really had the opportunity to set aside time and document where we are right now.

So I scheduled the photos with my friend, Erin – she’s the one who took the great photos of Hud and I earlier this Spring. Then I asked B. 🙂 I basically told him that we were taking family photos and he was not to complain during the process because it was my birthday present. Much to his initial tendencies, he obliged and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house and take some on a sailboat in the water {yes, there is water in West Texas, and yes, people go sailing here because the wind is always blowing}, but due to coordination issues, that didn’t work out and we didn’t want to wake them up early on a Saturday morning. Thankfully, our back up plan was a piece of land just outside of town with all kinds of beautiful settings.

Off we went, battling the grasshoppers and mosquitos {and I’m sure rattlesnakes, but thankfully none were spotted} into the land of a mountain lion. Yes, we have mountain lions. They are HUGE. There is one that has been spotted several times on this property that is literally on the other side of the road from the city limits, both on a trail camera and in person but has never been in a safe place to shoot it {i.e. between the person and a house}. Yes, we shoot giant cats out here that are lions and scare the junk out of me. Sometimes I feel like I’m in Africa and it freaks me out, then I just go to the mall. I can be a little on the dramatic side sometimes.

So back to the photos, Erin did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be any more pleased. Seriously people, if you’re in the area, this is your girl!