werk it, girl

February 17, 2017

I’m all about getting outside and getting a good workout in… I’m also all about wearing workout clothes to eat extensive amounts of unhealthy foods while sitting on the couch. Whatever category you find yourself in, let me introduce you to Senita Athletics.

This company, you guys. Run by two mamas and sisters, they just get it.

Affordable, stylish and quality workout clothes with pockets!! They have bras with pockets, pockets on their tights, hidden pockets on their running shorts, and all with easy access for your phone and headphones. I’ve been wearing their gear for about a week now and I’ve already bought a few more pieces because I’m that obsessed. You cannot beat the prices and they are just so cute.

I put mine to the test in bootcamp last week and am happy to report everything stood the test of just about anything you could think of, from cycling, to boxing, to running, bear crawls pulling weights, box pushes and lifting – I couldn’t be happier.

Lucky you, they’ve offered you all a 10% discount by using code “kellymann” at checkout (Good thru March 3rd). Hop on over to their site and check them out, I promise you won’t regret it!

freshly picked

July 16, 2013

Hud recently acquired a pair of his very own freshly picked moccasins from the very sweet and delightful Susan herself just so we could show you guys just what we thought of this fantastic small business. Pretty great, right?

First things first, these moccs are incredibly made, they are so simple and use the best material available, so they are perfect for any little feet. When I look at the moccs, I think to myself, that Susan is a genius. They have elastic around the ankle to keep those sweet things from falling off and they are so soft. What I think I like most about them is that they are made from durable material that will withstand walking, but since they are a soft sole, they will be great for those first learning steps.

The sizing is true-to-size, but they have a size chart you can print out and use as well if you’re unsure. We went ahead and had them send us size 2, even though we’re still in size 1, so ours are a little big but they will last and they don’t fall off his tiny little feet. We get so many compliments every time he wears them, I just love it.

I’m pretty sure that every baby needs a pair of moccs after getting our hands on these, they are to. die. for. and so stinking cute. Plus, there are so many fun colors to pick from, there has to be some that you like! We got the Copper color, but it was a hard choice between the Ebony, Walnut, and Chocolate versions.

Visit the freshly picked shop and pick out your favorite color, I promise you will love them!

Freshly Picked provided a pair of moccasins at no cost to us, but the opinions of this review are 100% mine and not influenced by freshly picked or anyone else – just to keep things straight.