May 24, 2017

Does anyone else start planning their kids’ birthday parties a year + in advance? No?

Well for some reason, I just LOVE all things birthday parties. I can’t really explain it all but I just do.  I started planning Merritt’s first birthday party when I was pregnant – which is completely absurd, I know, but I couldn’t help it… I got an idea in my head and then Pinterest happened.

Over the last year I have been slowly gathering ideas and collecting various watermelon paraphernalia – which is the biggest benefit to planning way in advance, you don’t have to purchase it all at once!

There are so many great watermelon parties out there, here are the pictures from ours!

We served watermelon (duh), cupcakes with mini chocolate chip “seeds”, and decorated cookies by our girl, Carrie!

On the other side of the table we had chips and hot sauce and then I made the most amazing watermelon salsa that I HIGHLY recommend you make as a light summery dish on a hot day! The in the middle of the table was, of course, the cake.

I’ve had the idea for this cake in my head from the moment I decided to do a watermelon party and it turned out exactly as I had planned, even though I was making it in between getting my kids in and out of the hall closet due to tornadoes!

If your’ve been around here, you know our love for freshly picked moccs. Well these little watermelon moccs came out a year or so before she was born and I thought they were so cute but not really something a little boy should wear. Lucky for me, they re-released them last summer and I couldn’t resist buying them and hoping my estimate on sizing would work out. Thankfully the size was perfect and they were a precious added touch. They re-released them again this spring if you need some for yourself!

We are so thankful for our sweet girl and we can’t believe she’s already ONE!

Party sources:

Balloons: Hobby Lobby and a local party shop
Agate balloons: Amazon
Foil watermelon balloon: Amazon
Balloon tape: Amazon
Tassels on watermelon balloon: Target
Watermelon bowls: Hobby Lobby
Watermelon plates: Michaels
Striped table runner: Michaels
Happy Birthday Banner: Target (old)

Tips on making your own balloon arch – I used the balloon tape listed above, hung it with fishing line from the ceiling and then used a low temperature glue gun to fill in extra spaces in the arch and make it more “full.”

I used a hand pump and blew them all up myself over a couple of days. I started on Wednesday and the party was Saturday. The balloons stayed pretty inflated until I popped them all the following Tuesday, so getting an early start if you are doing it alone should be ok!


April 2, 2016

As if I had nothing to do in my spare time, I’ve been thinking a lot about this little corner of the world wide web. The truth is, I miss it. There have been many times in the past that I’ve thought about blogging, but for a while, there was a problem with the coding on the page and I couldn’t even access it to post if I had wanted to. Once I finally got that problem fixed, I posted.

That was October.

It’s now April and I’m full-time in graduate school working towards my MFA in Interior Design and Architecture, teaching interior design at my alma mater, Abilene Christian University, raising two wild toddler boys, and nearly 31 weeks pregnant with our first baby girl.

I’ve obviously lost my mind.

But this space, there are a lot of memories here. Memories I am so, so thankful to have saved. The thing is, the last (nearly) two years haven’t been documented here. That’s not to say the memories weren’t created, because boy have we lived in the last two years, but I think I’m ready to revive this place of my life.

So here’s to blogging, minimal amounts of sleep, and bringing back this community.

KONY 2012

March 7, 2012

Have you seen this?

I hope that you have. It has been going viral the last few days on facebook and twitter. I encourage you to take 30 minutes out of your day to watch it, and then to do something. It will rock the world as you know it, because “where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.”

What is it going to take to make this world “a place where children, no matter where they live, have a childhood?

Watch this movie and join the movement.


{picture via}

Gift exchange

January 31, 2012

A little while back, I found about this blog exchange through a blog I read and love!

I was paired up with sweet Amy from Santa Barbara, California! It was so fun getting to know someone I probably wouldnt have ever “met” otherwise.

She sent me the sweetest package just in time for Valentine’s Day! I KNEW it was the package from her when the mailman picked it up to put it in the mailbox, it even had cute packaging! Made me smile before I even opened it!


She filled it with the sweetest things, including my favorite sprinkles EVER!!

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

Thanks so much Amy, I love every bit of it!