House Tour

This is the tour of our old house, stay tuned for renovations of our new house, pending oil prices not below $60/barrel. 🙂

I have had this post planned for some time now, it just takes {took} a heck-of-a lot of time to put together! The unfortunate thing it made me realize is how far behind I am on posting current overall pictures of some of the spaces we have remodeled. Pretty much every single room, with the exception of the guest room, has changed some way or another. A few examples include but are not limited to: a new back door in the kitchen, painting the unpainted cabinets in the kitchen {see photos below}, installing shelves in the living/dining area, making new pillows for the couches, adding a mirror in the master… I could go on and on, but just know that I’ll get on that ASAP and try to get you some more current photos of our happy little casa.

The other thing I realized in putting this together is that there is still so much I want to do! Even though these say “after,” let’s just think of them as in progress and I’ll fill you in later! K? K, thanks!

Keep in mind too that the majority of these “before” photos I stole off of the listing for our house. I was completely bummed when my hard drive crashed a few months back because I lost ALL of my before pictures of the house I was saving for this post and the majority of the other before pics. So they’re not the best quality, but that will just make my “after” photos look that much better! 🙂

Some of the other areas of the house will be added in the coming months as we get a little more done with them {i.e. the laundry room, 3rd bedroom, and exterior} and I plan on adding a tab up top or in the sidebar to the right for you to find the house tour a little easier!

The Entry:

The entry got a fresh paint job, a new light fixture, some DIY artwork and a new piece of furniture. Coming soon: Putting the glass back in the front door and adding new door hardware.

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our entryway.

The Living/Dining:

The living/dining areas required some crazy work to get the sofas in, but the room received a new paint job, new light over the table, some rugs and accessories and lots of furniture. Coming Soon: the possibility of a new wall treatment along with an old mantle in lieu of the buffet, just need to find one first!

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our living/dining area.

The Laundry Room:

When we purchased the house, we received a very generous housewarming gift, a set of front loading washer and dryer. I love them and have definitely been spoiled by them! The only problem? The “laundry room” we inherited with the home was a long narrow closet that just wasn’t going to cut it, literally. It was approximately 4 ft deep by 11 ft long, and it didn’t take me long to realize my beautiful new washer and dryer weren’t going to be able to sit up against the wall or they would not be able to open. So we did what anyone else would do, we shimmied here and there and made do with it for a while, then we ripped it all out and built a brand new laundry room! The biggest advantage {aside from having a kick butt laundry room, and being able to put the washer and dry right next to each other} was that we then gained an official third bedroom. Now, since that room has its own designated closet and window, our house can be listed as a three bedroom house when we sell!

To read more about the laundry room, from start to finish, click here!

The Hallway:

In the hallway, we painted our little hearts out to get rid of the DARK brown, and added a new light fixture {then modified that}. Coming Soon: hopefully a runner, finishing up the gallery wall, and new closet doors {if we can swig ’em.. ha. haha.}

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our hallway.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen was our first ever gut-job and lasted about 2 months. It was a long process, but we were so proud of ourselves for accomplishing everything {including appliances and granite} for under $6K! Being an interior designer was key to the success of this project. I reorganized everything, moving appliances helped make sense of our original 1944 kitchen with minimal cabinetry and electrical outlets. Did I mention there was no dishwasher? Thankfully we fixed that! {Maybe} Coming Soon: some new shelves for cookbooks, recessed lights, under cabinet lighting, a new ceiling treatment… our minds never stop!

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our kitchen, or here for the tutorial on the space-saving spice rack.

The Bathroom:

The Bathroom was our second complete overhaul. We took everything down to the shiplap and floor joists. Adding more lighting, a new vanity, toilet, tile, tub and a board and batten treatment really spruced this bathroom up for around $2200! Coming Soon: artwork!

Then, I added some hand-painted wallpaper {stenciling} to the walls to transform them even more…

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our bathroom.

The Master:

The master always seems to be put on the back burner for most families. It’s not really that high on our priority list, but it isn’t last either… just consider it a constant work in progress. In this room we painted the walls, added 2-inch blinds {as we did with the entire house}, painted a new $50 bed, bought a new duvet cover, hung new 95″ curtain panels, added a mirror above the bed and then made do with other things we’ve had since college. Coming soon: A new dresser, maybe a new TV? maybe some built-in storage? closet overhaul, and other decor.

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our master bedroom.

The Guest Bedroom:

The guest bedroom was something I was going to wait to touch until we were turning it into a nursery, I was just going to deal with the dark brown on the walls and make do. I finally had enough of it and took over the room one weekend adding painted stripes, a DIY sunburst mirror, a DIY Chandelier lamp, a new fan to match the rest of the house and a lot of painting of the furniture. The dresser in there is from the furniture set B got as a baby so I’m not sure what to do with it at this point. Coming soon: closet overhaul, and one day turning it into a nursery {no, this is not my announcement}.

Click here to find more photos on the progress of our guest bedroom.

The Exterior:

The exterior of the house has brought us a lot of issues, we replaced the sewer line and the water line, cut down a large tree, trimmed all of the others, put in a sprinkler system, planted sod, and did a little landscaping, to name a few!

Click here to find more photos on the progress of the exterior.

If you’re interested in browsing all of our remodels, feel free to head on over to our renovations page to start!

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