Fishing Party

October 31, 2016

I can’t believe Hudson is FOUR! Like, it’s so surreal to me that my baby is getting old because didn’t I just have him?? Anyways, this was the first year that he actually knew what was going on without me having to tell him his party was coming up and he was so, so excited. A few months ago, we sat down and talked about what kind of party he wanted to have and fishing was at the top of the list.

If you know me, you know I love a good themed party. The details and the coming together of all the things feeds my creative side tenfold. Links to my sources below.

The decor started with a pack of 10 white paper lanterns, I painted the bottom half red and then cut strips of cardboard {a dr. pepper case} to use as the tops. I hung them all over the house in bunches.

The red fish netting {I cut in half} and the bass balloon?were also purchased on amazon. Other random decor I either had already or purchased locally at TJ Maxx or Walmart.

I filled the top tray of a tackle box with gummy worms and swedish fish, and made cake ball bobbers – which are significantly more difficult than they seem. I purchased the cutest sugar cookies from my friend Carrie {check her out on instagram @thecookiemomstercarrie}, made a simple two-layer sheet cake that I decorated with blue icing, swedish fish and cake ball bobbers, then threw in some goldfish and brownies to round out the intense amount of sugar offered.

I used some of scrap pieces of cedar from the fence we tore down to add a few more textures to the decor by making simple boxes for things to sit up on and add height, and topped the folding table with a wooden desk top I made myself a few years ago. Throw in some chalkboard art and we had quite the setup.

For an activity, I filled a large under bed storage bin with blue water beads?{I only bought that one pack} and threw in a few plastic fish and fishing lures for the kids to find. They were a HUGE hit!

We loved getting to celebrate our big boy this weekend, broken arm and all!

organizing bows

August 11, 2016

I’m completely obsessed with bows for Merritt. Like, possibly to an unhealthy level… but how could you NOT when they are so stinking cute?! We have several favorite shops that ours are from and if you follow me on Instagram, I always try to tag the shops in each photo because I know I’m always curious when I see something cute on someone else. I’ve even ventured to make a few bows myself with some of the scrap fabrics I have on hand, so with that combo, we have so. many. bows.

I had been tossing them in a cute little wooden box and hanging about 12 of them on a little string above the changing pad, but as our collection grew, it became harder and harder to find the right bow and I knew our setup needed some modification.

When you search for bow organization online, you end up with the same ‘ole DIY of an oatmeal can on a pedestal or ribbon hanging with bows clipped all the way down.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great if they fit your style and needs but they did neither for me. I wanted something different.

Insert a tie rack idea.

Except I couldn’t find a wall mounted tie rack like I had pictured in my head so I found the next best thing. I stumbled upon this at Bed Bath and Beyond and it was perfect, except they only had one and I have a whole lot of bows. Thankfully amazon to the rescue and I bought 2 more.

I mounted them all in a row and arranged the bows by color.


I can see all my options in a quick glance!

Fourth of July Festivities

July 4, 2016

life with three

June 22, 2016

Having three kids, three and under can sound extremely daunting to many people. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told “You’re busy” when I tell people the spread of my children’s ages. And yes, we are busy, but who isn’t these days. Everyone is “busy” whether it’s with kids, or work, or just life in general.

Life with three littles is mostly fast paced, with small moments of downtime when they get stuck for a few minutes on a toy or show, and many moments of frustration as we attempt to direct them thru, deciphering between right and wrong – but I challenge that it would be that way in any house with a 2 or 3 year old {we just happen to have both}. Since bringing baby home, we’ve had our fair share of acting out. The screaming and crying {not by the baby} make me want to pull my hair out. Decor has been ripped off the wall, a paste of baby powder and lotion has been smeared all over the room and into the carpet, and a certain 3 year old somehow managed to find a bottle of tylenol and tried to medicate his 2 year old brother. I’ve said “no” or “stop _________ (insert something ridiculous you never thought you’d say)” more times than I can even think of, but thankfully, we’re all living and well, my sanity is the only thing up in the air on that.

Many people say they don’t even know how I’m out of the house when they see us out, because they can’t fathom how to go anywhere with three. My only answer is “you just do it.” Like with anything else in life, you do what you can with what you have and you’re so deep into what you’re doing, you don’t even really think about the how, you just do.

One of the things I’ve come to realize in parenting is your two greatest assets is your ability to remember what things are in the vicinity of where your children are playing, if they’re not within direct eyesight; combined with the knowledge of what all those things sound like when they’re being moved or played with. Example: one morning I was getting dressed while the boys were sitting in their chairs eating breakfast, I heard a familiar sound and knew immediately it was the sound of the spoon rest on the counter out of reach from the boys’ chairs. So I knew one of them had to be out of their chair, on the counter. In the time I’ve been writing this, I had to stop because I heard an unfamiliar sound coming from the play room. It was a pen.

There are moments when I just need a break and I’m thankful for a husband that realizes that and offers me moments to get away, even if they’re after bedtime. Sometimes a girl just needs to spend an hour doing nothing and everything at the same time.

Is my house clean? no. Am I always the best parent? no. Do I make mistakes, or raise my voice? of course. But I am immensely thankful for the three little lives I’ve been entrusted with day-in and day-out. Life with three is all of the things you can imagine, but above all else, it’s filled with so much love for three little souls.